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Pink Rose Bath Soak helps promote healthy skin, helps relieve depression and anxiety also uplifts to reduce stress.  Infused with a blend of ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils provides to restore calm and balance to your body and mind.

A hydrating blend of with natural infused minerals will drew toxins out of the skin and leaving your skin feeling soft and silky, relaxed and well rested.

Pink Rose Bath Soak contains all natural ingredients including 100% Pure Ylang Ylang and Bergamot essential oil. Our bath salts are vegan friendly.


To use, add 2 - 3 spoonfuls of bath salts for each bath and soak away and relax.

Wooden spoon is included.

All our bath salts contains 100% pure essential oils, please check with your doctor if safe to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or any other health concerns.

Bath salts are made to order, there is a 5-10 business day turn around on all orders.

Bath salts satchels and glass bottle are “online exclusive”.